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Jeremiah Young Youth Pastor



Val Verde Baptist Church has a thriving teen ministry! Each Sunday teenagers are challenged in an age appropriate teen Sunday school class. Val Verde Xtreme Teens also meet on Wednesdays at 3:45 for a time of training, followed by community visitation and witnessing for Christ. After eating out, they return to the church at 6pm for teen choir, followed by teen church at 7pm. Teen church consist of singing, prayer requests, preaching, and an activity.

       Each month during the school year, the teens go to a different Youth Rally sponsored by local churches. Summer time includes a camp trip and lots of great activities to keep them busy! All activities are well supervised and most involve a Gospel outreach.

       Val Verde Xtreme Teens are striving to be everything that God wants us to be. We realize that our most important relationship is our relationship with God. We emphasize salvation, baptism, and growing in grace. If you are a teenager, this is the place to be!